About Gary Leitzell

Gary and his wife share their pre-civil war historic home together with their 17 year old daughter in Walnut Hills, a house they continue to restore themselves (visit their house blog here). Gary has been a resident of Dayton since 1994. Gary was the proud president of the Walnut Hills neighborhood association and the chairman of the Southeast Priority Board before becoming Dayton’s Mayor in 2010. In just four years as Mayor, Gary pushed Dayton into better days and a brighter future. Now he is running again to give citizens a choice and a voice to continue his commitment to serving the people of the Gem City.
Gary enjoys sharing a cup of coffee and connecting with the citizens of his home, so we invite you contact him , and volunteer to help him continue to effect positive changes as the Mayor of Dayton.


Politics should be about the people, never about parties . Unfortunately, all too often, just the opposite is seen, both nationally and locally. Political parties do have their place, giving people with similar values a collective voice; however, parties should never stand in the way of getting things done for the citizens whom elected officials have been chosen to serve. For this reason, Gary Leitzell has chosen to be an independent voice. Gary holds strong to his convictions, such as equal access for all to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness and an efficient government that puts the power in the people’s hands. It is because of this strength of conviction that he prefers not to align himself with a political party or seek endorsements from political groups whose positions are changed by the newest polling data or most recent attack ad. Party politics work for many, but not for him. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” This was as true for the United States a century and a half ago as it is for Dayton today. Gary looks forward to working with Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party and Socialist alike as well as all the independent thinkers to be a unifying force for the betterment of the Gem City.


It takes a special type of person to start his or her own business. Gary wouldn’t have it any other way. Having owned his own business for over 26 years , he provides a previously untapped market with exceptional service and has become a leader in his field. He painted highly detailed collectible miniatures for the gaming industry and a specialized jewellery line for the scuba diving industry. Both niche markets. In the last few years he has renovated homes in his neighborhood and raised property values in the city. He thrives on the creativity and problem solving that is crucial to the success of any small business owner. Conventional thinking is a certain end to any small business in today’s competitive economy. As mayor, he brought  to office the innovative thinking and business savvy he’s gained from years of running his own business successfully. Now more than ever, Dayton has a candidate who is willing and able to solve old, worn-out problems with new, original ideas.

Community Leader

Strong cities start with strong communities. After experiencing first hand Dayton City Hall’s disinterest in the well-being of the common citizen and Dayton’s neighborhoods as a whole, Gary knew he had to get involved. Gary’s experiences with City Hall started in 1999, when he was elected as Priority Board representative of his Walnut Hills neighborhood. Later, in 2004, he was elected to serve as the president of the Walnut Hills Neighborhood Association. And in 2008 and 2009 he was elected chairperson of the Southeast Priority Board. In this capacity, Gary represented over 40 percent of Dayton’s citizens to City Hall. As Dayton’s former mayor Gary knows that improvements downtown mean little if those who live and raise families in Dayton’s neighborhoods and suburbs remain unaffected. As mayor, he worked with and empowered citizens and neighborhood leaders to create safer, more beautiful neighborhoods that make people once again proud to call Dayton their hometown.