My vision for the Dayton region remains simple, to rebuild a community where people love to live, work, play and participate. Like you, I know our county can be a stronger, more robust community where our citizens thrive instead of merely trying to survive. Let me briefly share with you about some of the topics that are hold a special place in my heart.

I’m delighted that crime has consistently been on the decline for the last three years in Dayton. However, the average citizen still doesn’t feel safe, and we need to change this perception. I believe that safety is the foundation upon which all other advancement is built. Until this perception issue is addressed, we will never reach our full potential. When you elect me, I will continue to promote this region as one where it is safe to visit while still inspiring our safety forces to embrace technology that reduces crime and empowers citizens to be more involved with policing our communities.

Dayton City Hall changed considerably in the last four years. Our phone center has improved customer service beyond expectations. We enterprised a lime kiln that was built in 1956 and we changed the dynamic when it comes to recycling. However there is always room for improvement. For the last three years the budget was balanced and we managed our expenditures so well that we have experienced surplus which we have put back into improvements in our infrastructure and how we meet the needs of you the citizen. If this could be done for Dayton, it can be done for Montgomery County.

I’m passionate about creating an economic culture in Dayton that draws businesses of all sizes worldwide, instead of repelling them. When I was mayor, I advocated for our business community’s ingenuity, wisdom, and perspective to make Dayton a place where business booms for all industries and types of business large or small. You see the results. Businesses are looking at Dayton as a place to be. However, many of my ideas are much bigger than Dayton and it is time to grow those ideas.

I yearn for a region that is unified, diverse and where racial divides are finally torn down. With the “Welcome Dayton” initiative we are seeing an influx of new Americans who are making Dayton home for their families. As county commissioner, I will continue to generate initiatives that will bridge the regional divides that have hindered our communities in the past.
Our citizens are our greatest asset. It is their insight, innovation, passion and concern that holds more potential than any bureaucratic government program. Too often our citizens get ignored by those whom they elect. I will continue to have an open door policy for all citizens. I pride the fact that I was considered the “Most accessible member of the City commission” by many who visited with me between 2010 and 2014. I will continue to inspire our citizens and empower them with the information, tools and resources needed to make a difference in their communities.